Monday, November 10, 2014

Clash of Clans gems cheats

A good layout of your base, thicker walls, feather fall, a full Clan Castle with sturdy troops, giant bombs and Heroes. Great elements to your beautiful Clash of Clans defend your base. But do not forget your main defense? The best protection for your Clash of Clans basis is linking ClashofClans account to Game Center or Google Plus account !!!

So ...
Protect your ClashofClans account and link your Clash ofClans gems hack Game Center or to your Google Plus account.

Clash of Clans link to your Game Center or Google Plus account
Log in to Game Center or Google Plus and then open Clash of Clans gems cheats. If all is well then you're asked if you want to link. Do this, and you ClashofClans account and progress is secured.

Promotional video connection to Game Center

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