Friday, November 21, 2014

Really, stop it, now I do not want to discuss

Really, stop it, now I do not want to discuss. "Surely you've heard this phrase from your partner's mouth countless times. In fact, if you have no partner but you've also heard countless times, and there you have a little hint of why you are more alone in a freelance work Christmas dinner. And most likely, based on listen again and again you've come to believe and even heap up on the odd occasion. However, I see myself obliged to warn you that this phrase is but the first crack in the foundation of your relationship.
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Couples need to discuss. Not me, says the University of Michigan, which in 2008 published a study stating that discuss with your partner not only helped to improve relationship problems, but lengthened life, and to swallow the indignation is not too good for health. Established as the discussions are good and everyone likes to argue, what's the problem? Well the problem is that, as with holstering a Nordic or take a roundabout with the car, we do not know.

But do not panic. As in GQ see much 'Big Brother' and stand for love and couples, we will briefly explain you what is the best way to argue with your girlfriend. Because no one is born knowing.

Couples need to discuss. And not me, says the University of Michigan "
1. "You" is "us", When you wrangle, you have to think of the word "you" as the word damn. It should be avoided at all costs as they exit your father do sex scenes on TV and switches to another channel at the speed of light. Substituting "you" for "we" will be much easier than afrontéis the problem as a couple. So "Do not you have the dishes" would soften in "We have not done the dishes" or "Stop staring at her ass to the waiter" would be "Stop staring at her ass to the waiter," the latter being, yes, a little confused .

2. "You're the rule" MEEEEEC. They sound alarms. Delta Force appear. You get arrested. They take you to Guantanamo and to your mother it seems good. Because she is with the rule or not, is more relevant than the fact that you now have a bad hair day. It is forbidden to speak. In fact, it is forbidden to think unless you do not do it while you paint bison on the walls.

3. Dancing: It is always an option when you see that things are not going to end well. Cut a discussion choreographed aerobics 90 is always a reliable choice. If you also wear tights and leg warmers under your clothes and surprised, maybe even have makeup sex.

4. Remembering things past: As in the joke of the Basque coming out to pick mushrooms, it was a Rolex and did not get it because he had gone out to pick mushrooms and no Rolex wrangle is important that when you focus on the reason for the discussion. Because after that happens in your tenth anniversary will you just taking the day you asked her out and put a face rare.

5. Gifts: For some cultural reason, men (and many women) have led us to believe that when things go wrong, it is best to fix it with a gift (or a son who is a tad more expensive iPad), however from GQ completely discourage this maneuver to get out of a discussion that extends over time, especially since we are in a crisis and you need to save to buy wine, yes arranging discussions (or leads to end but in any case, problem solved).

6. Do not apologize: According to another study, this time from Baylor University in Texas (the state in which more executed by death penalty but in which there seem to care a lot about love relationships), partner in discussions, most do not expect to hear a 'sorry'. Apparently, most prefer to hear a "Honey, stop arguing, you have touched us the EuroMillions' or simply reach a mutually satisfactory agreement. Apologize usually a bit easy but effective way to end an argument, because as bell pants, eventually turning.

7. The situation is not the same quiet discuss lying in bed or taking a walk in the park to do driving the wrong way down the highway or on the set of 'One thing I want to say.' There is a time for everything in life, so avoid arguing when you have not drunk anything because you could shut things, but mostly avoids discussing when you've drunk too much because you could not shut anything. In short, the advice is the same as the bottles for a discussion of quality in moderation.

8. Blame the Dog: It will never work, but if it works ... Oh, if it works. GENIUS.

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